700 Professional Head Shots in Two Days!

Professional Head Shots for your business are Essential

I get a lot of calls for Professional Head Shots. Earlier this spring, I received a request for a Location Portrait Station at the Novartis conference being held in Chicago. They wanted their attendees to have a consistent head shots. With a national firm, this meeting was the perfect opportunity to provide just that.

The client didn’t think that many attendees would take advantage of this opportunity to refresh their head shot. But they sure did! Over the period of two days, I provided Professional Head Shots for more than 700 of their attendees.

Making Head Shots Effortless

How did I photograph so many in such a short period of time? Organization and a good assistant makes the process seamless. Guests have a great experience. We work together to be sure the client can identify their guests. Plus, my portable studio, with a professional backdrop and studio lighting, makes everyone look consistent to match the corporate brand.

As I photographed people on the first day, I received a lot of praise from the clients. They were happy at how easy it the process was. As well as how I took the time to make sure everyone looked their best.  Because I have been photographing people for so long, I know immediately what their best angle is and how to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Update your Professional Look

It is especially important for anyone in sales to have an updated photo. Your online presence and social media contacts need to relate your professionalism. Clients expect to see who they are working with. So you need to keep your profile fresh on a your website, FaceBook, Email Signature or LinkedIn.

Let’s plan ahead. If over the past few months, you have changed your hair style, lost weight or grew facial hair, it’s time to book a new Professional Head Shot. Will you be presenting at a conference? Do you have a new article being published? Now, a new Professional Head Shot is even more critical. You want people to recognize the new you.

Adapting for today’s guidelines

Our photography team is available for Professional Head Shots at a social distance, either on-location or in the studio. We know the perfect way to capture your professional look and adhere to guidelines set for us in today’s world. Because we use the best equipment, you and your team can be confident that their photos will fit seamlessly into your company brand. And that everyone will be safe to smile, pose, and show their best side for their new Professional Head Shot.

Please reach out to us to discuss how we can move forward together with creative photography.

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