Confetti drop at wedding reception on New Years Eve

Your Reception

As you enter your wedding reception with your guests cheering for you. You practiced your first dance and are ready to show off your moves. The cake is a perfect sweet treat everyone will enjoy. And your friends are giving you the perfect toast.

Some of our favorite receptions have an element of surprise. A special friend joins the band to perform a song especially for you. Or your bridesmaids choreograph a routine to entertain your guests. Adding a little extra twist to the traditional reception is always a fun idea. Remember, the reception is the kickoff to a wonderful lifetime of fun.

Our team will photograph every detail of your wedding reception and capture the once in a lifetime memories. First, a big sweeping room shot, showing off the room’s grandeur. Then, your amazing centerpieces and luxurious linen. The band, the cake topper, the party favors – no detail is too small.

Our sister company, the Instant Party Photo Booth is a another great way to entertain your guests at your wedding reception. Plus, your guests receives a personalized gift of photos!

Photographing the Fun at your Wedding Reception

Rick Aguilar Studios is here for you every step of the way.

Capturing Every Moment

How do we photograph all of the details? Your photography package includes two photographers. So, your lead and the assisting photographer work to capture all the angles. When one photographs the speeches, the other photographs your reactions. Each uses different equipment, to capture wide angles and closeups of your first dance. And they work together to photograph as many of your guests as possible.

It’s important for your photographer to work closely with your coordinator. And we will, in order to be ready for every moment. Most importantly, you receive a link to our detailed wedding questionnaire. List the important groups of friends, colleagues, or family for us to photograph at your reception.

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