Asked to name the most fun night of the year, most people’s first answer will be New Year’s Eve.  But when you add in a wedding, and the bride’s birthday, the night becomes three times the fun! Fara and Phil had all of that for their New Year’s Eve Wedding wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago this past New Year’s Eve with all the glamour you’d expect when a wedding and birthday are added into a celebration of on old year ended and a new year begun.

I love the look of the whole day, starting with a room filled with so much love and joy. I could feel it as soon as I walked in. Fara choose a stunning wedding dress by Peter Langer from Ultimate Bride to compliment her long black hair and perfect make-up by Cynde Hoffman. Each bridesmaid looked incredible with make-up Ricki Zabrin. We took a few moments to get some photos outside with the couple, who were perfectly styled by Caroline Shaw. You’ve got to love the bride’s marabou shrug and the groom’s custom tuxedo. Whenever I hear the wedding consultant is Randy Schuster I know the whole day is going to be amazing and beautiful! The ceremony and room were perfectly designed by Rishi Patel of HMR Designs, I loved the chandeliers he brought in just for the wedding, they were spectacular to photograph. The guests danced the night away to the Larry King Orchestra and the guests were surprised when confetti cannons went off at midnight, filling the ballroom with glittering awe! What a way to celebrate a New Year’s Eve Wedding in Chicago!

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