Last Sunday, March 30 at Magnificent Milestones, 472 W Erie St, in Chicago, fiancés, brides-to-be, and friends and family members gathered for a brunch seminar consisting of mimosas, sandwiches, and advice on how to look your absolute best on the big day. A team of wedding professionals composed of photographer Rick Aguilar, make-up artist Traci Fine, wedding dresser Caroline Shaw, and personal fitness coach Dave Bostik, teamed up for a couple of hours of learning. Paramount Events offered a delicious lunch, including fun sumptuous desserts. The beautiful store was made even more stunning thanks to floral designs by Exquisite Designs.

     Rick started off the seminar with some great photo posing tips, such as sticking out your neck like a little turtle to smooth the line of your neck, and smiling with your eyes, as just a couple of the ways to make sure that you are camera-ready. Or, to make sure you have the best possible smile, practice smiling in the mirror. And instead of saying cheese, say happy! It sounds better, makes you feel better, and helps your mouth form a natural smile.

     Make-Up artist Traci Fine advised brides to carry extra lip color and pack of blotting papers in their handbag on their wedding day. Blotting papers help control shine without having to use additional makeup and work better than powder to maintain the minimal look of a dewy foundation.

     Dave Bostik of Chicago North Center Fit Body Boot Camp talked about three big keys to success. He suggested that brides and grooms should weight train, make small nutritional changes, and they should be consistent by setting a schedule and sticking to it.  And if they don’t know how to proceed from there, contact a training professional for help.

     Wedding dresser Caroline Shaw gave out some great tips about surviving the big day itself. Break in the shoes you plan to wear before the big day, and if possible bring a pair of comfortable back-up shoes that are the same heel height. To help get the day organized, in the room where she gets ready, brides should set up a spot to lay out all the accessories, medications, jewelry and other items that she may need during the day. And how should she carry these items?  Of course, the bride should use this as a good excuse for a cute new evening purse! The bride should prepare for her fitting by bringing along a selection new of undergarments to find those that will give her the best look and fit for her style of gown.  She should keep the price tags on the new undergarments, so she can return the ones that don’t work out.

Watch highlight video here.

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