Pose 2016! I gathered some of the best professionals in the industry to talk about their expertise on how to look amazing on your wedding day. We had a wonderful turnout at the Thompson Chicago.

The day started with tips and tricks from me. I talked about how to get rid of a double chin to finding your best angle on your wedding day. Everyone practiced the chipmunk trick in case your face gets tired. In case you are wondering what that is, fill your cheeks up with air to stretch the muscles and breathe out slowly to relax your face.

Caroline Shaw was so fun to listen to as she gave everyone amazing advice on your attire for the day, from the right look to the perfect fit.

Traci Fine expressed the importance of makeup and skincare for the perfect photo.

Robyn Tornabeni revealed the importance of flawless hair for your big day.

Kristen Bostik from Fit Body Boot Camp got us all into shape with the importance of fitness for your nuptials.

Exquisite Designs arranged beautiful bouquets for the model and added other floral touches for the seminar.

Paramount Events satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth with delicious desserts for the seminar

I got the idea for this seminar from people always asking me how do I take better photos. Mostly from engaged couples, I spoke openly about all of the issues people have with the way they look in pictures. Every couple walked away with a swag bag and one lucky person won a free night at the Thompson Chicago.

Wish upon a wedding also spoke about their organization, they throw weddings for couples that cannot afford to or have the energy because of a life-threatening illness.

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