On of the great badges of honor a wedding photographer can wear is the honor of photographing the weddings of multiple siblings in the same family. So it was an honor to shoot the wedding of Tania Tomi and Scott Francke on September 30, 2017. Tania is the little sister of one of my former brides, Tari.

Tari who married Greg McQuillan back in July, 2005. It was only a year after I started Rick Aguilar Studios.

And I got to give Tari a ride from the wedding to the reception. It was great to get caught up. She and Greg now have two children.

The wedding ceremony was at the century old, historic Winnetka Chapel.  One of the unusual features of the chapel is the rope bell pull at the front. Tania’s nephew was given the task of pulling the bell to start the ceremony.The reception was at the beautiful, wooded setting of the Winnetka Community House.  The Winnetka Community House has been around since 1911, so it is a place of early 20th century charm and grace. The cocktail hour was held in the House’s leafy outdoor courtyard.

The caterer, Catering by Design,  set up something really unique for the bride and groom for dessert: A Bananas Foster bar. What a great idea!

The Toast & Jam  Shannon Duffy kept all the guests moving throughout the night.

All the guests were given a small bell to take home to commemorate the day, I wonder who they will summon with it?

Planner Melissa Mizel put together a truly perfect day for the bride and groom.

It was so nice to be able to do two weddings for the Tomi family. Looking back over my notes from Tori and Greg’s 2005 wedding, I noticed that Melissa Mizel was their planner as well. So Melissa has two Tomi wedding to her name as well! But I won’t make it a competition with Melissa– especially since my record is already five siblings from one family!

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