Classic and Elegant

Jessie and Jacob were married over the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago at the Langham Hotel. The bride was busy getting ready when I arrived, having her make up perfected by Suzanne at Laura Mercier. Her hair was done by Peri Wolf.  Jessie wore a stunning Vera Wang gown.  Her colorful bouquet was designed by Kehoe.

One of the moments that made me laugh was taking pictures of the flower girls as they walked down the aisle. They started off scattering the petals as flower girls are expected to do. But after about the half-way point, the scattering of the petals on the floor turned into a forceful casting down of the petals covering the aisle.

Kehoe Designs’ beautiful decor had a huge impact on the bride’s mother. As she took in her first look at the room, I saw tears of joy come to her eyes. She probably has always imagined a beautiful wedding day for her daughter. Imagine the emotion any mother would feel, seeing that day finally brought to life, and realizing that the wedding is even more beautiful than her most sublime dreams.

Barbara Moss did an amazing job keeping the party in time and everyone calm during the big event. Xpress Video captured the action of the wedding day with their video expertise.  The cake was beautiful and created by Elysia Root. The coupled shared a special moment while they cut the cake on the dance floor at the Langham.

Greenlight played all night and kept the party alive for the first dance and Hora. Krenzel dances are a tradition at Jewish weddings, performed at the wedding of the last child in the family to marry. It’s a way to celebrate and honor the parents. This reception featured a double krenzel dance, honoring both the bride’s and the groom’s parents. Krenzel dances can be bittersweet for me too – especially if it’s a family I have had the honor of photographing more than one sibling. But I know I am not finished seeing this bride and groom’s family members or their guests. Throughout the day, I was approached six times by either parents or by younger couples, reminding me that I had either photographed their wedding, or will be photographing their wedding next year. I look forward to seeing them all in the future.

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