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Top 10 Getting Ready Photos for Your Wedding

Rick’s Top 10 Getting Ready Photos

1. Dress – Make sure to have it ready hanging in a beautiful location for your photographer to capture the perfect photo.

2. Shoes – Include your ring or other jewelry displayed with your shoes. It’s a creative way to showoff what you will be wearing on your wedding day.

3. Invitation – Be sure to bring an invitation and any other custom paper you had created for your wedding. It will be a wonderful reminder of all your hard work and your wedding style.

4. Make-up – Make sure to take a beautiful getting ready photo of you in the makeup chair, when the make up is almost complete. It’s always cute to be in your robe or special “bride” attire.

5. Mom or Bridesmaids Helping the Bride – Every bride needs help getting dressed. Be sure to include this part during getting ready photos. It’s always a special moment with mom there to help. And extra fun with all your attendants there to help you primp.

6. Dads First Look – Arrange a special reveal when your father sees his little girl in her wedding dress. Be sure to have a tissue ready for tears.

7. Bridesmaids in Robes – Get all the girls together in their matching robes, specialty pajamas or oversized shirts. It’s extra fun with everyone hanging on the bed like a slumber party.

8. Rings – Give your photographer your wedding rings for an artistic photo. Include your invitation or marriage license for a special touch.

9. Bridesmaids Gifts and Welcome Bag – You want to remember every detail! Another great idea for a fun photo is capture your bridesmaids opening up their gifts from you too.

10. Bridesmaids First Look – Once you have your dress on, have all of your attendants gather for a photo when you come into the room. Get ready for cheers and tears of joy!

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